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Jennifer Klose

Jennifer Klose
Bowen Elementary PE Teacher

Bowen PE Daily Schedule M-F 2020-2021



Klose – Gym duty

Smith – Car duty



Klose -Gym Sanitation



Smith - announcements

7:50-8:35 MTTHF


7:50-8:30 Wed


3rd Grade

G-1 Minatrea/Sides

G-2 Gualandri/Langston

8:50-9:35 MTTHF


8:40-9:20 Wed



G-1 Hollier

G-2 MacDonald

G-3 Glenn

9:50-10:35 MTTHF


9:30-10:10 Wed


1st Grade

G-1 Bollinger

G-2 Kenneybrew

G-3 Heller


10:50-11:35 MTTHF


10:20-11:00 Wed


Pre-K (30 min class/15 kid yoga or movie)




*Week w/o PRE-K

Klose lunch duty


G-1 Melton/Conley

G-2 Keller/Brumley


11:20-11:50 Smith Lunch

11:50-12:30 Smith Lunch Duty

11:35-12:05 Klose Lunch

12:05-12:30 Klose Lunch Duty


12:30-1:15 Specials Conference

1:15-2:00 MTTHF


12:35-1:15 Wed



2nd Grade

G-1 Stanfield/Wilder

G-2 Potts/Randolph

2:15-3:00 MTTHF


1:25-2:05 Wed



4th Grade

G-1 King/Pope

G-2 Endsley/Hawkins



Weekly Rotations

PE Group 1  (Aug 20-28, Sept 8-11, Sept 21-25, Oct 5-9)


3rd                              Minatrea/Sides


Kinder                      Hollier


1st                               Bollinger


Pre-K                        Melton


2nd                            Stanfield/Wilder


4th                             King/Pope



PE Group 2 (Aug 31-Sept4, Sept 14-18, Sept 28-Oct 3,

Oct 12-16)


3rd                              Gualandri/Langston


Kinder                      MacDonald


1st                              Kenneybrew


Pre-K                        Keller


2nd                            Potts/Randolph


4th                             Endsley/Hawkins


Group 3 (K &1st only)  Sept 8, Sept 28, Oct 3


Kinder                      Glenn


1st                               Heller


Pre-K                        None